English school in Winchester 

The English school in Winchester was founded in 1989 and is a small and friendly school, where the students learn in a relaxed environment. Studying in this school means studying far from the crowds. 

Winchester is not a crowded city like London and the south coast, the people are very welcoming and friendly. Our students feel very comfotable and in a short space of time feel part of the community. 

All of our teachers are natives and well qualified, with a lot of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. 

In the school, the number of students is limited to 40 to guarantee a friendly working enviroment where the students can progress as quickly as possible. There are 5 classrooms and the maximum number of students per class is 8. 

The school is located a 10 minute walk from the main shopping area in Winchester, in a historic residential area. 


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Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester


The school is accredited by:

Quality english



Strongest Points

  • Winchester is a small and accessible city
  • It was the capital of England and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country
  • Its streets narrate the history of England 

Winchester city 

Winchester is a beautiful and small city in the South of England. The small city has barely 40,000 inhabitants. Located between hills and meadows, it is a place with a lot of charm and is considered one of the most beautiful, old and historic cities in England. 

From Winchester, it is very easy to visit London, Bournemouth, Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath. As well as its beautiful architecture, Winchester has many cultural places of interest such as the Cathedral, Jane Austen's house or the round table of knights of King Arthur. 

Old capital of England

Winchester has been perfectly conserved and through its streets and corners, the history of England can be narrated as it was the capital before London. The city was the old capital of Wessex, and when the other six kingdoms were conquered, it intitally formed England in 827, it became the capital of the whole country until London took over a few centuries later. 

It's not hard to guess how the city was a thousand years ago, as it really gives the feeling that it has not changed at all. The essence of the city maintains intact, as Winchester will make them think of the fantastic realm of King Arthur's Camelot that, by a statue by the town hall, protects the city. 

Here you can find the Round Table where Arthur's knights gathered according to legend and also one of the biggest and most beautiful Cathedrals in the country. 

Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester Course English in Winchester

Standard English course in Winchester

The course is based on improving the essentials for the students when speaking. The students can choose areas of study to focus on by discussing this with the teacher and the other students. 

Perfect for

Ideal for those that need to improve their fluency when speaking in English, whilst also enjoying their free time to enjoy the city and the surrounding areas.


  • Course duration desde 1 semana
  • Horas per Week  22
  • Duration of Classes  60 Minutes
  • Timetables Morning
  • Level test  Yes
  • Accredited Diploma  Yes
  • Level  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Maximum students per class in summer  8
  • Average during the rest of year  0
  • Minimum age  18

Extra-curricular Activities

The school organises a range of optional social activities for the students. Getting involved in these activities is the best option for the students to get to know other students from around the world and to practice English in a relaxed and fun environment. 

Some of the activities are: 

  • Cooking
  • Sports activities
  • Country walks
  • Cinema
  • Reading group
  • Music sessions
  • Afternoons in the local cinema
  • Afternoons in the local pub
  • International party
  • Visit to the local theatre
  • Walks to places of interest
Winchester Winchester



An important part of the course is to interact with natives and to get to know the English lifestyle. Because of this, we offer accommodation with families in Winchester. The families live a short walk from the school or a few minutes on public transport.

Accommodation with families includes a single bedroom, half board (breakfast and dinner) Monday to Friday and full board at the weekends. 

Family Family

Availability: all year

Room Type: single room

School distance: a few minutes walk or by bus


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  • Half Board it has Half Board
  • Full Board it has Full Board

University Residence in Winchester

The residence can be found on the University of Winchester campus. It has single bedrooms without meals included and is only available in the summer. 

University Residence in Winchester University Residence in Winchester

Availability: July and August

Room Type: single bedroom

School distance: a few minutes walk


  • Internet doesn´t have  Internet
  • Private bathroom it has Private bathroom
  • Laundry facilities it has Laundry facilities
  • Cleaning service doesn´t have  Cleaning service
  • Wifi doesn´t have  Wifi
  • Kitchen it has Kitchen
  • Kithchen Utensils doesn´t have  Kithchen Utensils
  • Security service doesn´t have  Security service
  • Bed-linen it has Bed-linen
  • Towels doesn´t have  Towels
  • Breakfast doesn´t have  Breakfast
  • Half Board doesn´t have  Half Board
  • Full Board doesn´t have  Full Board

How to get there

How to get to Winchester 

Winchester can be found barely an hour by train from Waterloo station in London with National Rail. There are several trains every hour that connect the two cities, but we advise that you pay attention and get the train which stops at fewer stations so its as direct as possible. 

By bus, it takes around two hours. The buses leave Victoria bus station in London. The companies that make this journey are,


How to get to London

The closest airport to London is Heathrow International Airport, located 24km (15 miles) West of London, but there are different airports in London that you can fly to.

The low cost airlines that fly to London from Spain are: 

The distance from London Heathrow to the school is 70 minutes by transfer.

Distance to other cities

  • Oxford: 70 minutes by train/taxi
  • Bournemouth: 45 minutes by train/taxi

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